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August 10 2014

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Ted Cassidy - The Lurch Shindig 65

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The Commodores - Slippery When Wet

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Percy Sledge When a Man Loves a Woman 1966 original audio

August 09 2014

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Joe Bonamassa - One Of These Days

August 08 2014

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Sisters Euclid - Helpless-Kevin Breit,outstanding slide guitar!

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30 Days and A Cold Rain

The very air surrounding me vibrates

I cannot slow my thoughts

Some memories come complete with smells

Of a past vulnerable to distinction

Powerful entities that hold dominion

Stalking the days

Haunting the nights

'Ware weary travellers of the mind

Remembrances lacking nostalgia

A grey mist guarding monsters

That rend and slay fragile psyches

-TheMinstrel(via The Mad Minstrel: 30 Days and A Cold Rain)

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John Leslie “Wes” Montgomery (1923–1968) was born in Indianapolis, Indiana into a musical family. His brothers, Monk (string bass and electric bass) and Buddy (vibraphone and piano), were also jazz performers. The brothers released a number of albums together as the Montgomery Brothers.They recorded three jazz albums as the Montgomery Brothers. Wes learned the six string guitar at 19 by listening to Charlie Christian albums. Although he couldn’t read music, he learned complex melodies by ear. He had played, however, a four string tenor guitar since the age of 12. He was known for his ability to play Christian’s solos note for note and was hired by Lionel Hampton for this ability.This was his first gig, as guitarist for jazz vibraphonist, Lionel Hampton, in 1948. (This video is a surprise if you expected to see Lionel on his vibes!) (via wristrock-Top 10 Jazz Guitarists from Traditional and Modern Jazz)

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Sumatran Tiger (by sparky2000)

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I love Texas Blues Rock (Texas born/Texas proud) and my Guitar Hero is the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan. I was very lucky to call him a friend and the first time I saw him play live, I truly understood what it meant to be “Bit by the Blues!” Here in Austin, you can still hear and feel Stevie’s presence even though it’s been over 20 years since “Heaven done called another Blues Stringer back home!”

I’m a musician’s advocate. I donate my time and energy to help musicians navigate the new age of the music, independent of a record label. I stand tall for them and I’m not afraid to call anyone out when it comes to taking advantage of the creative beings behind my beloved ear candy. 

Guitar players seem to be my specialty and I’m happy to oblige anyone who does a strat justice! I work with a brilliant guitar player that may not be Texan by birth, but you’d never know. He comes from the Christian Metal genre and is the shredder and founding member of the popular 80’s band Whitecross. Zoom to 2014 and it turns out Rex Carroll is indeed a Blues Rocker at heart. Turns out he also got “Bit” the first time he heard Stevie being played in a guitar shop close to his home in Northern Illinois. He asked who it was and was told it was Stevie (Texas Flood). He bought it and you can hear it in his playing. Rex is the most versatile guitarist I’ve ever known. Not a term you EVER want to use to sell a musician, but it’s true. I call him “Texas Style Blues Rock on Steroids,” but he has many more layers. His acoustic work is hauntingly beautiful and he shreds his ass off with Whitecross. He’s moving into the main stream and has a new Blues CD coming out soon. He also humors me to the point of stupid. Much more on all of that later. 

I’m also a HUGE Los Lonely Boys fan. Henry Garza is “Tone to the Bone.” These three brothers from San Angelo, Texas have made my life really special since 2003. Anyways, this is all new to me but I’ll figure it all out! 

~ Soul to Soul ~

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August 07 2014

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William Elliot Whitmore - Diggin’ My Grave

August 06 2014

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Houses - Big Light

August 05 2014

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Calum Graham - Waiting (Solo Acoustic Guitar)

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Mike Dawes - Boogie Slam (2013) Solo Acoustic Guitar

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Out Of The Grey From out of the grey mist a figure appears
Like an old half forgotten deity conjured from the abyss

A nightmare made solid,catalyst of fear From the cold dawn of time and a place too near

Where evil gathers to reminisce

Of times primordial,dire and revered

Some shadows have substance
Some shades a peculiar light
Good and evil a purpose
And every day a night-TheMinstrel (via The Mad Minstrel: Out Of The Grey)

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Deftones - Change (In The House Of Flies) [Official Music Video]

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